I'm so glad you're here! My name is Kate Stigall and I am located in southern Illinois. I started Ten Four Co. as a way of allowing myself to learn to run a small business, as well as to have a creative outlet. I am a wife to Brock and a mom of two boys; Baker is 2 1/2 and Bear is 9 months. I work full-time as a physician assistant in urgent care. Life is full right now, but I am excited to see what is in store for this new venture. 

Ten Four Co. is a brand that was created based off of love for trucker hats. As a mom always on the go, a trucker is the perfect accessory for me pretty much on the daily. The brand has a vibe and really leans into all things vintage trucker aesthetic. All the hats and patches are hand-picked with you in mind. When it comes to trucker hats, I am so particular! Ten Four Co. has a unique style, and I love when I find a good patch I know y'all will fight over. Each hat is its own and no two hats are created the same. There will never be two identical Ten Four Co. hats. Whether you are shopping online or attending a pop-up, you will leave your experience with us leaning into your individuality and style, knowing that you get to wear a hat as rare as you. I can't wait to share my style and the trucker love with you all. 

Over and out,